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As one of Los Angeles fast-growing professional services firms, Centrust Management Group is more than just any typical accounting and consulting firm. With advisors with over 20 years of professional financial and business experience, we have stood the test of time providing best practice services. This firm was built on the idea that clients want a more comprehensive level of financial engagement as they need help in various areas of business ranging from accounting, corporate tax planning, IRS and local agencies audit assistance to financial planning, financial analysis, finance, and working capital.

Centrust Management is an accounting and consulting firm in Southern California; our advisors hold multiple licenses from California Department of Insurance, Department of Real Estate, and the Internal Revenue Service as enrolled agents to represent clients before IRS. We’re known for our client-based approach, as client’s satisfaction is one of our core objectives. Helping small businesses and individuals create value is what we do well, by providing top-notch services in consulting, accounting, finances, and other related services.

Value is a product of trust! At Centrust Management, we are aware that value and trust are also essential condiments of a quality relationship and a gateway to creating better teamwork and achieving better business growth and profitability.  We have helped clients work smarter and achieve their business goals because it’s not just about creating wealth, but also about having an exit strategy and managing wealth. Whether it means helping our clients figure their bottom line, providing insights on missed opportunities, or putting together cost-cutting strategies to improve your return on investments. We pride ourselves in our ability to render quality services that will give our clients an accurate and more balanced view of their financial status and performance in the business sectors where they conduct business.

The type of business advisory service demanded by business owners to remain competitive, with the advancement of cloud technology and artificial intelligence goes way beyond bookkeeping, income tax and payroll preparation that is offered by most accountants in the marketplace. This overall level of financial engagement and oversight is what Centrust Managegemt was founded on and remains at the core of our practice; taking care of our clients business in all commercial areas is our business.

We pride ourselves in our professional and experienced team that offers top-notch services with the goals of the business owners in mind. We are your best choice for winning in business with increased profitability, lower taxes, and business growth.     



While we are not out to outrightly replace your trusted CPA or Tax Accountant, we forge a close and productive relationship with them and other financial partners to collectively plan and execute comprehensive, integrated financial, consulting and tax solutions for your business.

We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level. Give us a call today and tell us more about your goals and financial needs.



High performance with the
clients’ satisfaction in mind

“Our mission is simple, focus on the areas of small businesses that impact profitability and growth the most. We’ve combined the best people, software technology and processing methodology to provide a cost-effective financial management solution. This comprehensive level of service is not commonly offered to small businesses with less than $10Million in revenue. Our services are affordable, dynamic and client-focused so why don’t you give us a call today we would love to hear from you.”

Adolph Garcia – Co-Founder

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